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Thank you, God!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

"I will give you thanks with my whole heart." ~ Psalms 138:1

Thank you,God! is a fun take on a classic prayer, designed to make it fun to read out loud.

Do you thank Him for your meals before eating? Awesome. Don't stop there. This book takes it up one level and just gives plain 'ol thanks.

Reading out loud together is a great opportunity to create positive experiences and memories, which this book encourages you to do.

  • The ellipses [ ... ] are an opportunity to build anticipation for what is coming next, and the text size can act as a volume control.

  • There are no indicators for raising hands, clapping, jumping, shouting, or dancing, but there aren't any that say you can't, either!

My hope is this book will help you build fun reading-out-loud together memories that last a lifetime - starting today!

Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook.

(and once I have videos created for them, you can find them on the Word Bath for Kids channel on YouTube. )


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